French Work Jackets (Vintage)

French Work Jackets (Vintage)


A little history. 
In Europe, for quite a long time blue was a common color among the poor because indigo was a very cheap dye. Sometime in the 19th century, this evolved into what the French call “bleu de travail”, or “working blues”. It is a jacket that is made out of a distinctive blue, hard-wearing cotton. The sizes range from Men's Small, Medium and Large, and colors vary from bright blue to deep Indigo . 
100% cotton. Vintage European Work Jackets. The real thing.

Bill Cunningham was a legend, and we will miss him dearly. Due to the increasing demand for these jackets, there may be a wait time, and we will let you know. We hope to continue to source these beautiful jackets. Every one is unique and perfect.

These jackets ship from Europe, all are unique in color, size, button placement and wear. We take pride in matching your jacket to you. Every paint stain, repair, and color variation tells a story.

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