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L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts

We offer products and workshops for adults and children with a focus on quality supplies and education.
The shop is stocked with beautiful, practical, high quality items that are designed to be used, as well as clothing meant to be worked in. Workshops are decided based on the need and want of the community. Materials used are chosen for their quality, durability, functionality and sustainability.

Although there are many components to LDBA, the concept is simple:


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Children’s Education

Our approach to teaching focuses on fine art and hands on education for children. The materials used in classes are non toxic and natural, avoiding plastic and disposable materials. We teach respect of our materials, ourselves and others. Our reference materials come from books and editorials, and we stay away from the use of screens in class. We explore artists' work from galleries, museums and studios, and create projects based on what students learn. We are conscious educators, teaching information, techniques and wisdom passed down from a wealth of artists and creators- creating beauty through art and preserving wisdom and knowledge through education.

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Adult Workshops

L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts offers artistic and skill-based classes, workshops and camps taught by artists and tradespeople in the neighborhood and from around the world. Classes and workshops are carefully selected, organized monthly, and kept small for an optimal learning environment.

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Our Shop

We sell artist kits, supplies and clothing. All of the products in our shop are designed to be used and made well enough to last one or several lifetimes- some have already lasted a few :)

Some items offered are limited edition, one of a kind, or are made in small quantities and available for re-order.