After School Art Programs (ASAP)

After School Art Programs (ASAP)

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Our After School Arts Program (ASAP) focuses on fine art and hands on education for children. The materials used in classes are non toxic and natural, avoiding plastic and disposable materials. We teach respect of our materials, ourselves and each other. Our reference materials come from books and editorials, avoiding use of screens in class. 
This class will focus on natural and sustainable artist materials, while teaching basics like color theory, artist techniques, use and respect of materials and each other. Kids would make beautiful, natural art projects to bring home. This class would also include some basic textile arts projects as well. We will continue our 1st series and do more in depth lessons, working to strengthen the students skill and artistic talents while creating beautiful projects.

Projects include: 
Paper flowers, paper weaving and collage, origami, mobile making, crown making, book making, water color painting, figure drawing, contour drawing, free drawing, color theory, scientific illustration, botanical studies, natural bundle dye on fabric, mask making, head dresses, fabric painting, stamping and block printing, weaving, etc. 
We explore artists' work from galleries, museums and studios, and create projects based on what we learn. We look at famous, unknown, local and global artists who inspire us to be creative and expand our minds.

AGES 4 + 

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