Farm Camp 2018


LDBA Farm Camp happened this year in Bovina, NY- on a beautiful 200+ acre farm owned by Carver Farrell. We set up camp next to a lovely little stream, and buckled down to rain-proof everything, due to a horrendous forecast for the entire week: rain, rain and more rain.

Our lovely stream became a babbling brook and then a rushing river as the rain fell throughout the week- but our spirits weren’t totally dampened- we learned survival skills, played cards under the tarps, toasted marshmallows, sang songs, foraged, and had so many art projects in our beautiful art tent- including marble dyeing with Mercedez Rex. It was fantastic. The sun even peeped through and we were able to go tubing on our rushing river- (thanks to Mark Kolski)!

Throughout the week, we visited dairy farms and veggie farms and went on a pollinator walk, Led by the glorious Juliette Hermant, learning all about flowers, bees and Monarch Butterflies. We ate the very best food cooked by chef Danny Newberg and fried bread on the open fire with Katie B.

We went on grand adventures, traipsing around the 200 acres, through the mud and puddles, and even swam in our very own swimming pond.

The kids stayed dry and safe, and Friday came quickly with parents joining us for our final feast, a glorious fire cooked meal including chicken, hot buttered corn, fire cooked flatbread, salad galore and lots of Rose’ (for the adults :)

This was our 6th year of Farm Camp, and these amazing photos were taken by Riley Salyards, our resident camp photographer, (and mama of camper alumni and now jr. councilor, Atreya)! More photos and stories to come.

XOXO LDBA loves you.

Sara Moffat