Studio Pink

Studio Pink


In search of the exact Bougainvillea pink that I saw in Turks and Caicos, I found this pink. As a pigment it’s exactly right, but upon mixing I was confused and even more so when painting with it. Instead of opaque, bright impossible pink, I realized the pigment also contained filler, and painted very translucent. I soon discovered the STUDIO pigments were made with fillers and were meant to be super translucent. Paint a dreamy layer of pink, think sunsets, rose scent, a hint of hot pink.

Chemical description: Pigment Red 122 (C.I. 73915; CAS 980-26-7) fixed on a mineral base (CAS 471-34-1). Synthetic organic pigment and filler. Standard 1/2 pans fit in our enamel travel tins.

Studio Pigments are based on synthetic organic pigments mixed with a filler (may contain silica). The pigment is ground dry under stone rollers with marble dust / china clay to form a soft powder. Studio Pigments are bright and relatively lightfast.

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