Introducing 2 LDBA Artist Kits: Watercolor and Gold Leaf

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY

This watercolor Artist Kit has everything you need to start painting. Perfect for beginners or professional artists, we have hand crafted and selected our favorite products from around the world.
Included in kit:
-Handmade LDBA porcelain painter set (palette + water dish + paint tray)
Case For Making handmade watercolor paints (primary color set- french vermilion, ultra marine, primary yellow, burnt umber, mars black and zinc white)
-Escoda Travel Brush from Spain (!!)
-Olive oil and dead sea mud brush and hand soap
-Camel pencil from Japan with white eraser
-Brass bullet pencil sharpener from Germany
-French cold-pressed watercolor paper hand torn in 3 sizes, 6 pieces of each size
-Waxed cotton drop-cloth made by LDBA

Kits come with instructions, beautifully packaged, individual items are available for re-order.



LDBA-Brooklyn, NY

This beautiful gold leaf kit contains everything you need to gild on your own. We’ve hand picked our favorite gilding products from around the world. Kits come in two sizes, 25 or 100 sheets of gold leaf.
Included in kit:
25 or 100 sheets Italian Gold Leaf
Escoda Gilding brush from Spain
Water-based gilding glue
Small glue application brush
Olive oil + dead sea mud soap (for brush and hands)
Bees-waxed cotton drop cloth
Instructions for use and brush maintenance

$125 for 25 sheets gold, $150 for 100 sheets gold