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sending love and strength to Paris.

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY paris 3 LDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NY
L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts was born in Paris- I’m in love with the City of Lights, with the architecture, philosophies, beauty, strength, history, stories, art- on and on. I’m in love with Paris- which is why I named my business after “Ecole des Beaux Arts”, to borrow some of the magic and integrity of the artists that studied at the school, and the mastery, mystique, and elegance of the school itself.

I felt like the art stores and schools in America were grossly lacking- like they were in trouble, and that they ran the risk of becoming cheap, terrible versions of themselves. I wanted to bring a bit of Paris to Brooklyn, (with help from my dear friend, Juliette Hermant, the French secret weapon that will design and decorate LDBA).

I met Jule in Paris in 2004, while traveling in search of well made fabrics for my collaborative clothing line, JJR. We’ve become dear friends in the years since, and she has taught me how to view the world with French eyes, to be able to see beauty in history, stillness, tradition, patina, hard work, learning and teaching- valuable life lessons that I strive to pass on thru LDBA.

Juliette lives in New York now, and all of our friends are safe in Paris, but it is with a heavy heart that I track the Paris attacks, and the collective hurt of lives lost fills me with sorrow, and I extend my sincere sympathy to anyone and everyone who has been affected by this chaos.

I am also filled with strength and determination; I want to bring my vision into fruition- and create a place where people can learn, love, inspire, create and master their skills.

Love is everywhere- as is beauty and inspiration- and I will do my part to uphold the incredible spirit of positivity, beauty, elegance, culture and integrity that is Paris.
Sincerely, Sara Moffat
Founder of LDBA

November Classes!

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
WE’RE PSYCHED! Sign up for these November classes + workshops.
Astrology 101   Saturday, November 21, 12-3pm, $101
Adult Arrows Workshop   Sunday, November 22, 2-5pm $140
Indigo Dye Class   Saturday, November 21, 3:30-6pm, $125
Bows + Arrows    (ages 4+) Saturday, November 14, 2-4pm $75