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Welcome back to Farm Camp

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Photos of Farm Camp 2014, session 1 by Riley Salyards.

My Papa took my brother and I camping when I was a child- we would carry our packs with all of our gear, food and water and we would hike through the canyon-lands in Utah. There’s nothing like falling asleep under the stars and waking up with the sun- cooking all of your food over a fire, swimming in a river, and being surrounded by the great outdoors.
Here at LDBA, we started a little thing called “Farm Camp” 3 years ago, with that same desire to pack up, be in nature and camp out. LDBA and Mark and Bettina Firth came together and now, every summer, we head to the Berkshires with tents, art supplies, songs, and an amazing group of (mostly) Brooklyn kids, artists, and councilors. Last year we cut down 14 maple and birch saplings, peeled the bark off, and set up our first LDBA tipi as part of our idyllic camp surroundings. we swam in lakes and secret swimming holes, visited farms, ate like kings- we had incredible chefs and several delightful artists, volunteers and councilors- plus Jessa Blades, our camp herbalist! Please join us this year for more fun at the farm!
Farm Camp 2015 is happening July 20-25. Spaces are limited, reserve your spot here!


Artist News: New classes! Camps! Space!

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Indigo Dye Class: Friday, May 8, 6-8pm, Saturday, May 9, 2-4pm             Farm Camp 2015   July 20-25

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
 LDBA Day Camp 2015. 2 Sessions
Summer ARTS Camp, Monday- Thursday, 9am-3pm
Session 1: JULY 6-9
Session 2: JULY 13-16

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