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Where Honor and Grace Live: Paul Augustus Jackson~ my grandfather

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My week in Minnesota was full of wonder and very easy on the eyes. The landscape pallet was green and blue with streaks of pink- I learned so much about my past and the traditions of the land where my Grandfather Paul Augustus Jackson came from and spent his days. He passed away 2 weeks ago at the age of 97 (2 months away from his 98th birthday). My Gramps was my hero, and I will continue to honor him in all things I do and search for in this life. I will also continue his legacy of hard work, curiosity, humor, kindness, family values and tradition. L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts is founded on these values as well and will continue support and practice them.

Respecting and continuing tradition

LDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NY
LDBA is fond of tradition, and we are especially fond of finding those artisans who are still practicing traditional skills and techniques. I found such a fellow in Pipestone, MN, named Travis Erickson. He is a 4th generation stone carver and peace-pipe maker. I caught up with him at his studio in the Pipestone National Monument. The quarries are still active today, and exquisite peace pipes are being crafted daily by him and other Native Artisans. Above are some photos I shot of Travis and his work, as well as a flooded quarry, a photograph of past carvers and a ‘Trail of Tears’ sculpture made from pipestone that was on display in the museum.


Wisdom of the land

LDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Pipestone, MN. There are faces in these rocks- originally named for the quarry where peace pipes are crafted and dispersed through the land. Pipe-stone is still mined, cut and carved here by the ancestors of Native American artisans- continuing a tradition that celebrates and promotes peace, beauty, skill and heritage: just some of the core values of LDBA!

Minnesota Grasslands

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The area around where my Grandfather grew up is a vast and glorious grassland; with pink rocks, lichen, waterfalls and an abundance of wild life. We used to take walks through the grasses and see all sorts of wild turkeys, turtles, bison, deer, hawks, bunnies and horses. I even found an arrow-head once!

Learning from the Past

LDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Minnesota Bison, Sweat-Lodges and Thunderheads. Just a few highlights to visiting the land where my Grandfather came from, and where he raised my Mama. Expect more images throughout the week, as I celebrate my heritage and my Grandfather’s incredible life.