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More Bows and Arrows

LDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Some more footage of Sunday’s Bows and Arrows class at LDBA. I don’t know about you, but I could look at these all day. Sign up for the next one HERE. Also, LDBA/NYC Summer camp is coming! We will do a mini arrow workshop as well as other great stuff!

Bows and Arrows class #2

LDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NY
From the top: Horace, Atreya and Liam, Ida, Robinson, Horace, Lily, Willow, Liam, and Atreya: Some of the cool kids of Bows and Arrows. LDBA held our 2nd Bows and Arrows class where we learned how to make them from sticks, strings, feathers and paint! Each kid got quivers and learned how to shoot their bows and arrows. We shot targets painted by Reed Anderson (Horace and Holidays’ Papa)! The class was wonderful, and the next one is coming in May, so sign up HERE!

Collecting arrows

LDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Yesterday I took my assistant, Atreya, to McGlorick Park to search for sticks straight enough to be arrows. We also looked for sticks flexible and big enough to be bows. Luckily we found some of each and are busy getting ready for Sunday’s MAKE YOUR OWN BOWS AND ARROWS class. There is one spot left! (Also LDBA/NYC Day Camp is filling up so sign up soon!)
These lovely photographs were taken by Atreya’s mama, Riley Salyards. Riley makes the most beautiful ceramics, (some bowls are for sale here). She’s about to launch a new website, so stay tuned!

xox LDBA loves you!

From amsterdam, with LOVE

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Just a little montage of my favorite Wizard, Atreya. He’s on a plane right now- (with his mama, my BFF- more on her coming soon)- to New York from Amsterdam! He’s gonna help me all weekend long in our  LDBA classes. There’s still room to sign up for Indigo Dyeing on Saturday, and Lettering Class, Bows and Arrows, and Knot Tying on Sunday. It’s a dream weekend of classes, so don’t miss out!

Also, registration is open for LDBA/NYC day camp! Slots are filling up fast, don’t miss out on this super fun camp for your kids in July!


LDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NY
LDBA’s shop Apron. $65
100% cotton, made in New York, adjustable and durable.
Sturdy 1940’s vintage denim and quality construction makes this adjustable cross-back apron your favorite. Made for both the kitchen and the workshop, with one convenient pocket on the bib, and a choice between one or two on the front. Apron falls around the knee.