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happy holidays from LDBA

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Wishing you and your loved ones a very wonderful and magical Holiday Season. Thank you for coming to these pages, and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!
XOXO LDBA loves you.

lettering class at LDBA

LDBA- Brooklyn, NY
These are some lovely images I pulled from various sign painting and lettering websites (the holiday cards are available for purchase here!) to introduce a class being held at LDBA that I am very excited about: Lettering, with Becky Johnson.
Learn classic lettering and font techniques in this 90 minute class. You will create a series of notecards in whichever script you choose, on your choice of card size, and in a range of colored ink – just in time for Holiday Thank You cards! Take home 5 cards and envelopes plus techniques that will help you continue your lettering at home. Refreshments provided.

ice flowers on the north pole

LDBA- Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Photos Courtesy of Matthias Wietz.
I ran across a story today, and I wanted to share it, along with these images. They were taken in the north pole; as dawn broke, these ‘ice flowers” began blooming on the ocean’s surface right before the story- teller’s eyes:
“I was absolutely astounded,” he says. They were little protrusions of ice, delicate, like snowflakes. They began growing in the dry, cold air “like a meadow spreading off in all directions. Every available surface was covered with them.” What are they?
“Frost flowers,” he was told. “I’d never heard of them,” Jeff says, “but they were everywhere.”
Read the full story here.


blades beauty course with jessa blades

LDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Jessa Blades is a natural-beauty expert, herbalist, and make-up artist. In this 2.5 hour class you and 5 others will learn how to heal, nurture and care for your skin using the best products available. Also, your make-up questions will be answered, including how to master red lips, create smokey eyes and the ‘natural’ glow, as well as how to apply makeup anywhere in 5 minutes. You will also learn what combination of products and colors are best for you. Class will include 10-minute make-up tutorials and application for each recipient, and a Blades skin-care-kit to take home. We will finish with a special toast to beauty.
Class time: 2.5 hours.
This class will run in February, and we are still nailing down the dates, but you can SIGN UP HERE!

how to use your digital camera with marek berry

LDBA- Brooklyn, NYLDBA- Brooklyn, NYLDBA- Brooklyn, NY
Above photographs by Marek Berry.
Marek Berry
is a fashion photographer who has worked in both LA and New York. In his hour long class, he will teach you how to properly use your digital camera to provide the most effective results. This class is set for February, the dates are still being decided, but you can sign up now HERE!
Class time: 60 minutes.