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Anna Sheffield’s Atelier

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
LDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Anna Sheffield is a force. She comes from New Mexico, just like me, and she is as multi-faceted as her diamonds. We are talking lots of diamonds. And gold, and gun metal, and silver. I got to visit Anna’s studio yesterday for some film footage, and she was in the middle of several meetings and collaborations; everyone wants a piece.

Anna has agreed to teach a class at LDBA. We hammered out the details over dinner the other night, the class consists of making your own jewelry, and more information is coming soon. Sign up for class information here. I can’t WAIT!

Chris Harth at work

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Photos I took yesterday afternoon at Christopher Harth’s workshop where he makes his knives. We spoke about the upcoming classes Chris will teach at LDBA. They have to do with Oysters, Mushrooms, and keeping your knives sharp and beautiful. Sign up for LDBA’s mailing list to receive more information. You can also buy his knives at LDBA’s shop.

ldba was born from this

LDBA-Brooklyn, NYLDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Last night I dreamt of Costa Rica, and today I can’t shake the feeling of calm and contemplation that came with my dream. I was lucky enough to spend an entire month in Costa Rica in January of this year. I was alone most of the time, spending my nights in a yurt steps away from the ocean. My routine was simple: I would wake up when the sun rose at 5am, make a cup of coffee (from Costa Rica, yum!), walk 50 paces to the ocean, watch the sky get light and the land wake up. I would read on the beach until it was hot and time for lunch, then I would ride my 4wheeler into the little surf town, Santa Teresa, and have fish tacos and lemonade while I poured over Business Plan books.

LDBA was actually conceived in Costa Rica. I got the idea for classes during one of my fish taco study sessions. The idea quickly grew into reality, and now here we are in September, about to start classes at LDBA! Today I meet with Christopher Harth to nail down his knife handling class, tomorrow I head to jewelry designer Anna Sheffield’s Atelier to look at precious metals and talk shop.

technicolor grizzly bear

Last night I got to see my friends play a show at Radio City. It was a stunning venue, and an even better show. From the top, clockwise, Edward Droste and Daniel Rossen singing, the sign outside the venue at Radio City, Chris Bear playing the drums, and the whole band together in rainbow light.

A very exciting announcement. Chris Bear has agreed to teach an upcoming class at LDBA. Your child could learn to play drums by one of the most talented musicians of our time. Keep posted.

tiny painter

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Creating classes for kids is a huge part of LDBA. Here is a photo I took during a trial class I held a few weeks ago. In order to test class size, length and activity, we gathered some kids we know and love (here is Atreya, one of my favorite humans) and sat them down, covered them in smocks, gave them paint, paintbrushes, a phenomenal teacher (thank you Anne Roe), and let them at it. I filmed the whole thing for a kickstarter video I am making to raise funds. I can’t wait to start classes. Sign up today for class updates and schedules. xoxo