Archives: August 2012

The week in review

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
New products, collaborations and classes born this week at LDBA. Scroll down to see what is already here, or quickly coming around the corner!
Don’t forget to stock up on Common Good candles, Mr. Natty hair care, pocket knives, sailor’s smocks and much more at LDBA’s shop.

introducing bing bang by anna sheffield

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
All jewelry by Anna Sheffield (Bing Bang), vintage silversmith shears, used for making jewelry.

I remember a friend of mine, Lindsay, used to wear a necklace I was obsessed with. It consisted of lightning-like spears and circles in different tones of champagne colored precious metal. When she moved it gave a faint tinkling of bells. Finally Lindsay introduced me to the maker, the fabulous Anna Sheffield. We quickly bonded over Pirates and New Mexico, we traded jewelry for clothes, and she remains one of my favorite humans ever. Last night we had a moonlit meeting over Tapas and Rose` where we discussed super secret collaborations and classes at LDBA, as well as Crystal Power and Bows and Arrows. Stand by.

how to use your film camera with brian ferry

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Leica images and Hasselblad images courtesy of google. Watercolor study I painted today.

Ok, it’s a little premature, but I am too excited to keep this to myself… Last night, Photographer Brian Ferry agreed to teach a class at LDBA! I will keep you informed as we know more details, so go get those film cameras and stand by.

Introducing common good

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
I had so much fun creating this collage. Bergamot flower study painted by Georg Dionysus Ehret in 1740, Lavender study, origin unknown, Lavender candle available for sale in LDBA’s shop.

I met Sacha Dunn probably 3 years ago, when I hunted her down to sell her Common Good products at Marlow and Sons. It was a smashing success, we continuously sold out of her cleaning products, soap and candles. One of my proudest moments to date is when I had shelving installed for Common Good bulk items (thank you Dan!) in the Marlow Store.
Sacha is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and her products are just perfect. Simple, clean, made in Brooklyn. I am selling only candles for now, and will let you know when I start selling soap.
Also, Sacha has agreed to teach classes at LDBA, where we will learn how to make our own natural cleaning products!!!  Coming soon.

Introducing Mr. Natty

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Top photo credit here and bottom image origin unknown, but what a lovely photo. MAV took the product shot.

Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Natty! In April, I was in Portland, ME. having super secret meetings with More & Co. about ruling the world, and Ryan mentioned something about a Mr. Natty, and how I should sell his products. I immediately looked him up, watched his video and fell in LOVE! I contacted him, he contacted me, and now I can bring him to you.
I will begin with 5 items from his product line, available for sale in LDBA’s shop. Mr. Natty makes all of his products in England, and  they work really well and smell great.
(Stay tuned for pop-up-shop-shave-and-a-haircut at LDBA)