indigo class this saturday!

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY

Join us this Saturday from 3-5pm in Williamsburg for an afternoon of indigo dyeing and drinking champagne. Isa Rodrigues teaches us how to dye things blue like our ancestors have been doing since the beginning. Bring your kiddos- there’s a special price for them- details and registration HERE.


LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Last night we reached our goal of 250 votes from you!-LDBA is now eligible for a small business grant. Thank you to everyone who voted and spread the word to your friends and family (we came in at 271 votes!!). We our on our way to opening our school, and we can’t wait to see you there.

Don’t forget to sign up for indigo dye class happening next Saturday, Oct. 25 from 3-5pm at Isa in Williamsburg. To sign up and for details, click HERE.

Vote for LDBA Brooklyn !

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Help us be eligible for a sweet grant and celebrate our small business by casting your vote for us!  As part of the program, you have the opportunity to vote for your favorite small businesses. We need 250 votes to qualify for ‘The Mission Main Street’ grant- This grant would allow our business to build our Artist supply store and Educational space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but we need your help.
You can make a difference for the future of LDBA Brooklyn! Voting is open from September 3-October 17, so now is the time to cast your vote and spread the word about this incredible opportunity to your friends and family. Just visit the page here, and type in LDBA Brooklyn!

THANK YOU for your ongoing support, and remember- XOXO LDBA LOVES YOU TOO!


LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
Join us for an afternoon of indigo dyeing and champagne! Sign up HERE.

Instructor: Isa Rodigues
Lecture Fee: $120 (includes materials fee and a glass of champagne) $75 for kids
Class Size: 20 people
Time: 3:00-5:00 pm (or until class completion)
Location: Upstairs space at Isa Restaurant in Williamsburg, 348 Wythe Ave. 11211
OUR FAVORITE DYE TECHNIQUE! ALL NATURAL Mini shibori workshop. Bring your white or light colored clothing and dye it blue the way it’s been done for centuries! Isa Rodrigues is a founder of the Textile Arts Center who loves dying things blue. Using an Indigo/fructose and Pickling Lime bath, you will learn how to prepare the recipe from scratch in your own home. Also we will learn the history, technique, and benefits of Indigo dye. Some shibori and boro basics will be covered, including stitching, clamping, pole wrapping, and repeat dying. Class time: 2 hours.
Takeaways: Your natural, indigo dyed belongings, recipes and techniques to continue on your own!

Farm Camp by Hazel the girl

LDBA-Brooklyn, NY
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On Tuesday at LDBA Farm Camp, we took a trip to BLUE HILL FARM- the idilic dairy farm belonging to Dan Barber which provides delicious raw milk to the locals. We collected eggs, checked out the acorn-eating pigs in the forest, and then brought the grass eating cows home so they could be milked. We heed and hawed behind the slow moving, full uddered gals- singing cowboy songs and trying out our yodels.
When we returned to camp, we were pleased as punch to find we had a guest chef, MARK FIRTH, cooking some spit fired chickens along side Tim-the-girl. Hazel the dog came to hang out as well. After dinner we sang folk songs under the stars ’til the cows came home’. Yep. It was a great Tuesday.